Feature request

These features are the requested ones from many Flashcards Buddy users.
If you have any, please feel free to write us to mSurfLab@gmail.com
We will be more than happy to include yours here.

have you thought of providing integration to Evernote?

When you are scrolling close to the bottom of the card it has the tendency to advance to the next part of the card. I've seen other apps that kind of lock things in place unless you  swipe hard (I guess that means more dragging than a swipe). 

It would be cool if I could not just attach a picture to the answer but also open the camera and shoot a picture in-app

Could you please make this app movable to the SD card?

the major drawback for me is that i cannot turnoff the screen without stopping text to speech.

It would be great if image options were made available such that one could embed urls into a google spread-sheet with-which the deck is being synced.  I realize that sinse blobs can't be embeded into cells in google sheets, the straight-forward method wouldn't work- however what about the following:
* Have an option checkbox in the settings to allow to sync referenced images from the web.
* have some special syntax for this when activated such as <img: http://site.image.jpg> that the user needs to use.
* specify a size restriction (no images over 200k or what have you) and a warning that the sync will take longer, or perhaps like a web page you just have the image load directly into the card from the web when there is an internet connection and/or let the program cache the image etc.
* let folks use images for front, back and or note.  Thus if a person has an image host or directory somewhere they could really centralize their admin of flashcardsbuddy with powerfully with a desktop computer and google docs.

I now have a tablet and been using programs that allow stylus freehand input for note taking in class. With many of my courses being math based I find it more difficult & time consuming to create the flash cards in excel with the Greek letters and fractions.
I'm asking if you can look into allowing stylus freehand input for creating flash cards, or if this is possible can you direct me to a how to method?

Would it be possible to add the display option back + note.

could you please include the option to free write/draw on the third page (it would really be great for tablet functionality)

The only problem that I'm having is that the o-ogenek (ǫ) that is rather common in Old Norse doesn't render at all on your app (it just shows up as a blank space).

Would it be possible to add a Default Side of Notes to the options?

Is there a way to do a timed review of the cards with SOUND OFF?   I can do "AutoTTS" and manually turn volume down, but it keeps turning my volume up.

 to have thumbnail of pic in list mode

how can i disable both the 'back' and 'notes'

When I am studying a pack of cards and I navigate away, then come back it starts me over. If I am on card number 400 and I navigate away, I would like to resume where I left off in a shuffled pack.

Can I create a flashcard set on my phone, then upload to Quizlet.com? If yes, how do I do this? I have figured out how to do this in reverse order.

The only issue is that when i upload photo its half screen and no option for full screen. Usually half screen is too small :(

This is the ability for users to upload their cards into a database for others to download. For example if I'm studying for the GMAT or LSAT standardized tests I would be able to download flash cards that other users have uploaded.

If I edit a card and move to a new one without pressing the save button my editing is lost. Is there any way to overwrite this default behavior? 
I was wondering if there is, or could be, an option to resize images put on flashcards so that they will scale to width? 

Is it possible to make it so that the search results tell you which set the card is in?

 I would like the ability to select multiple card sets at once.  I have over one hundred sets, and it has been painful moving them one by one.

Could you please put in the option to take a picture to add to the cards rather than just the option to retrieve one from the gallery. I plan on taking several notes that require pictures and the option to actually take the picture using the stock camera from within the app would be awesome.

Please add the ability to type superscripts and subscripts. I made a deck on Quizlet to study ions for chemistry with superscripts and subscripts but only some of the super/subscripts showed up. And none of the plus/minus super/subscript signs showed up

Will you add a possibility to let the app reminds you to study your cards when it's time to do so? (e.g: in status bar via widget)

Another helpful feature would be support for Latex typesetting.  This is really nice for math equations.

I want the card set to only activate TTS when the card is flipped. However, no matter what option I choose (front, back, front & back, etc...), it reads front and back. I have toggled the options, and turned TTS on and off trying to figure it out.

I need folders.

 An option to swipe back to the first card when reaching the end of a set would be nice. And vice versa, swiping backwards on the fist card that would go to the last.

 I would really like the option of putting cards in some kind of folder or collection.

Can we get Quizlet two way sync?

Are you ever planing to add mp3 support? I'd like an easy way to connect my own recordings to the flashcards while learning vocabulary

I would like to request the ability to separate combination sets from the general population.  I feel that if I have many card sets and combination sets, things will get messy quite quickly. 

I have several card sets and combine them into card groups for studying.  In the individual sets, the cards background and font color are different in each set, however when I set a group set, all cards are in default colors.  Would it be possible to have the sets keep their color settings when being combined in groups? This would help me a lot!  Also, maybe add the possibility of having the text in random colors. That would just be fun.

The program is in dire need of being able to create subsets within the combination packs and or allow the unique identification of colour where the set came from. This is especially useful when there are multiple topics under the same general theme and should allow you to pick which set from that combo to be tested on rather than having to create a brand new combo.

Is it possible to have one language set up for the front side and another for the flip side?  It sounds funny when the default is set to Spanish and the flip side is an English word.

When quizzing you have the opportunity to display side 1 or side 2 first as as well as some other options. WIll you please add a random option so that the program randomly displays side 1 or side 2 in quiz mode.  

When I add a picture to a card, it doesn't fill up the whole card, it only fills up about one third of the card. I want the pictures bigger

wondering if you can change the size of the attached picture and if you can center it on the card.

Fix the image import. 

1) Can I move to previous & next Page by left /right swipe action? I want to operate browsing cards by same finger action
2) Would you add a animation-off option? Because I feel sick by animations.

Is it possible to draw on the card? it would be nice if you can. If not, I'll just draw on a piece of paper and take a pic.
First and foremost I really would like the ability to choose how many cars are shown at random in a given session. Four example, I have a deck of 700 cards but only need to see 30. So I would choose (auto tts timed at 5 second interval with only 30 cards displayed at random from the 700 card deck. After I have gone through the 30 cards I would like it to go back to the beginning of the deck so I can check to see how many cards of the thirty I can recall from memory.) 

Any chance the next update could enable multiple images to be associated with one card? On the back side where the image is shown, if there are multiple images then they could be displayed as thumbs in a grid, then you could click to enlarge each?

It would be highly useful to have two speech engines not just the system default. example, I study Thai thus it would be so helpful to have a Thai speech engine available foe only my Thai language card sets. My kids use englisg only and need the English speech engine.

when you import a card set from eg quizlet, there should be an option to create a new set on your android with the same name as the quizlet set, instead of just putting the cards in the current set 

I have found that I get interrupted often while studying. Can there be a bookmark feature that could bring me back to where I was studying?

It would really be great if in addition to transferring my cards I could transfer my preferences as well. I have the default card appearance set up in the demo version and trying to get it exactly the same is almost impossible.

Organizing card sets in folders.
Ability to exclude or include “Note Section” when swiping or taping (which would leave only the front and the flip side of the cards).
Automatic Time Interval for switching cards so that I don’t have to keep swiping or tapping during a quiz.
When taking a quiz once you identify a question as correct or not correct the program should automatically switch to the next card. There is no need to click on the correct/wrong answer and then another click to advance to the next card.

It would be nice to have a repository of spreadsheets people could use to trade flashcards. 

Could you make it possible to add Combinations into Combinations? (ie. Folders containing other folders)

Is there a way to make the cards always stay landscape?

1. Possiblity of organizing card sets in folders
2. Possibility to improt cards as cardsets from main menu an automaticlly name them same as sheet in spreadsheet is named and also possibility to import many sheets at once and automaticlly divide them into cardsets.

Is automatic card rotation available? For hands free use when on treadmill?

It would be so useful to me if I could use the cards in a multiple choice test.  For example , in my case I'm studying vocabulary.  Column 1 is words.  Column 2 is definitions. For the quiz,  the definition of a word would come up with 4 choices of words , or vice versa.  When I get one wrong, that definition gets put to end of the deck or can be marked for repeat

When making a combo set, we have the option to add other sets.  Its minor, but can you add 'all of the above' button?

it would be good if the current multi-step import process had fewer steps. For example, it would be good if the software would allow me to go to Quizlet (or Google Docs), select the card sets that I created, and have them import, title and all, directly into Flashcards Buddy.  I think that the "sync" button suggested 2011-09-19 "I have over 60 sets of flash cards on quizlet. I would like you to develop a "sync" button to where I am able to sync every set in the same order, organization, and folder as I have on quizlet to my andriod. Without importing every single one individually." would address my feature request.

It would be convenient if I could separate the case decks by a certain tag.   So, before going straight into the individual decks I can choose a certain grouping such as school and only those decks would show up.

it would be nice to import a single google doc as a combo set rather than downloading each sheet individually.

Why are some numbers on my cards that I entered to memorize showing up in blue as a link, if I touch it, it asks me if I would like to add it to my contacts or call that number? This is very distracting

When I use these on my galaxy tab 10.1 the text only takes up a small portion of a large screen. So it looks odd when it's center justified, but not much better when its all the way to one side or top/bottom. How about a way to keep everything in the center but keep all the lines of text aligned with the first line. Like setting a left justified margin.

You need to have a prompt come up when the close button is hit. It is very frustrating to make a lengthy flashcard, then accidentally hit the close button and all the info is lost and has to be retyped. auto-save feature.

As i study medicine i use flashcard buddy as well for learning languages e.g. latin&medical english as for medical subjects such as anatomy and histology. Thats why i could really use a possibilty to create folders to organize my card sets.

I would really like to see some better quiz options--a simple pass/fail button not only seems lazy, but ineffective. Also, more resemblance to quizlet.com would be awesome

I wanted to be able to create a set on my phone and have it stay in the order it is entered in.

It would be so great if you could add an option to allow the flashcards to change on their own at timed intervals

I would like the option to copy a card to another card set. Like it works now, the card is removed from the current card set when I move it to another. It would make things alot smoother for me if I could move a copy instead.

I have over 60 sets of flash cards on quizlet. I would like you to develop a "sync" button to where I am able to sync every set in the same order, organization, and folder as I have on quizlet to my andriod. Without importing every single one individually.

the possibility to random back and front side

create a new card set with search result.

Is their a way to password protect or mark a flash card confidential?

would it be possible when there is an image on a flashcard to link to the original full size image? Although the pictures are alright in most cases, there are some pictures that appear to small on the flashcard, and being able to see the whole thing would be great.

It would be awesome if you could do a quiz setting where it will automatically read out the front of the card, pause a few seconds, read the back of the cards, then flip to the next card and repeat the process all over until the end of the deck. This feature would be great for hands-free quizzes on the road.

Please make tap possible instead of only swipe to see the answer

How about being able to create a new card set after filtering the original.