Release note

We release update every two months. If you want any features included in new update, please send us email. We review any requested features with power users. The priority is determined by the popularity of the request and difficulty of implementation. Thanks :)

Source code migration for Marshmallow

. Upgraded backup and restore module
. Upgrade export module
. Added admin tools (please use with caution)

. Revised Google integration module
(If you see authentication error, please reset the Google sign-in in "Email default & Sign-in" in settings and try again)

. Fixed program bug in backup scheduler
. Upgraded TimePicker dialog

. Upgraded Date and Time picker dialog

. Revised backup module (Max. no of backups, Latest database image copy)
. Revised Google integration module

. Fixed import problem
. Fixed image import problem

. Added import/sync with (Flashcards Exchange)
. Added background play for Auto TTS.
. Added image display in front side.

. Fixed Quizlet link problem.

. Added multi-select and search bar in cardset screen
. Added "All card" shortcut button in main screen

. Fixed bugs in restore module (online and offline)

. Added button to open system's TTS setting
. Revised sample data to show the folder concept
. Revised program module to manage attached images
. Bug fixes in Folder deletion

. Fixed AVG Malware false-warning problem

. Fixed force close problems in main screen.
. Revised main icon for high resolution tablet

. Fixed task list refresh bug
. Revised Background color setting screen.
. Reduce the package file size
. Fixed Force close in G-Drive set import
. Fixed hidden shortcut button in Quizlet set screen

. Fixed FC in sub-folder navigation

. Fixed animation problem in jelly bean
. Fixed FC in deletion dialog in main screen
. Removes/revised the outdated help documentation.

. Added a feature to display polytonic greek font
. Fixed FC in main screen caused by blank folder name.
. Added Auto-save setting for card edit
. Changed menu icons to ICS style

. Added feature to organize sets and combos in folder
. Change the design of background selection dialog 

. Fixed bug in Online backup & restore in JellyBean
. Fixed bug in image attachment

. Bug fix in Quizlet import screen
. Bug fix in Card display screen (caused by display order)

. Add two additional card set types, Quizlet set and G.Drive set
. Bug fix in Time and Date dialog for Jelly Bean
. Bug fix for Quizlet link

. Revised Quizlet integration module

. Lots of minor bug fixes and performance tuning
. Added more Quizlet search options
(Upgraded Quizlet connection module)
. Added add & menu icons in screen headers for Task
. Bug fixes

. Added online backup, restore feature for attached images
. Added option to lock card orientation
. Added option to disable animation effect for card flip
. Fixed image import problem
. Added more marker icons

. Added Study. Auto TTS mode
. Added Study. Random mode
. Added Marker, Answer count in card list screen.
. Added setting to customize shortcut buttons
. Minor bug fixes

. Hot fix for ICS. fixed connection problem for Google Docs

. Added more help documentation
. Added margin control in Card design setup
. Revised TTS module for 3rd party TTS engine.
. Added a dialog to update Card number and Card order in Card edit screen
. Added a setting to disable/enable Hyperlinks

. Added online backup feature using Dropbox
. Added feature to copy card to other card set.
. Improved card update logic.
(Flashcards Buddy doesn't generate CardNum any more. user can give any card number and manage their cards)
. Added card update feature for Quizlet cards
. Display the title of card set when browsing cards.
. Fixed FC
FC: v1.20: ListImportCat.onPrepareDialog(, NullPointerException

. Make swipe recognition more sensitive for tablet screen.
. performance tuning for the database backup and restore module.
. Fixed Quizlet connection problem
FC: v1.19: Quizlet1.getSets(, Illegal character in query at index 81

. Fixed Quizlet connection problem
. Fixed FC problem in Card set screen.
FC1:v1.18:ListEntrySet.buildDialog24(, NullPointerException
. Fixed FC problem in combination set screen
FC1:v1.18:ListEntryFolder$19.onClick(, NullPointerException

. Added feature, "Export to other cardset"
. Added "Pop" flip sound.
. Added setting for tap action control.
. Fixed FC problem in Combination set screen.
. Fixed FC problem in card with image

. Fixed scroll bug in Card screen.
. Fixed FC problem in Combination set screen.

. Add sort feature for the card set list in main screen.
. Added update capability when importing from Google Docs, CSV file
(If the CardNum field is defined in import file, Flashcard matches and updates corresponding cards)
. Added share feature for Simple task list.
. Added tab based navigation for card browsing.
. Fixed menu icon problem in android 3.0
. Fixed some screen design inconsistency.

. Increased text size upper limit for tablet
. Revised preference screen header design.
. Fixed original card order problem for Google Docs import
. Added sound effect for card flip
. Added fast scroll thumb for lists.
. Added uncompleted count in task list screen

. added screen color themes
. added feature to keep the order of Quizlet cardset.
(Users have extra sort order, "original order")
. added increase the fetch limit for Quizlet card set to 50.
. added "default" button in Card appearance screen.
. fixed minor bugs.

. added card count in import screens
. added fast scrolling with alphabet indexer for card list
. added black background
. added import setting screen and improved the documentation.
. fixed minor errors.

. Added image attachment option
. Added background color change option
. and some minor performance tuning and bug fixes

. Added Help menu option in main page
. Fixed broken link for import help
. Fixed the sort problem in File/Folder list screen for SD card import
. Minor bug fixes

. Added three more options for navigation control
. Added improved color picker for text color setting.
. Fixed error in Shuffle CheckBox and TTS Checkbox for Combination set Options screen
. Minor bug fixes

. Fixed FC in export screen
. Fixed minor bugs in import screens
. Cleanup resource files

. added Shuffle, Display Option and Default side menu in Card view
. revised sample data
. revised helps.
. added Text-to-Speech button

. fixed FC in quizlet query
. improved the message display in Quizlet connection module.
. fixed Creation dialog problem in main screen