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2. How to setup TTS (Text-to-speech)

How to setup Text-to-Speech

Flashcards Buddy reply on Android operating system's TTS engine for Text speech.

Following are three main setup options we have to take care of. Please make sure you have the correct setup for your need.

0. TTS setting screen

Go to Android Home screen > MENU > Settings > Voice input & output > Text-to-Speech settings.

1. Alaways use my setting

Enable this option and this will make clear system's TTS setting will take care all the Speech activities.

2. Default Engine

It is possible to have multiple TTS engines in your system. Select one you want to use. If you don't know what to use, select Android's default, "Pico TTS"

3. Language

One TTS engine can have multiple languages. Please choose one you want to use.