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1. Import from Quizlet to Empty card set

Sample Flashcards in Quizlet


Step 1) Quizlet

Go to "" and login to your account.

Step 2) Make Flashcards

Go to "Create Set" tab.

Step 3) Create set

Step 4) Create cards

In Flashcards Buddy, a card has three sides, (1) Front side, (2) Back side and (3) Note section. 
The text in "Term" field will be imported to "Front side" and "Definition" will be imported to "Back side".

Step 5) Save

Save the Flashcard set and logout.

Now, you have completed the job in Quizlet side. Go to Flashcards Buddy.

Step 6) Go to any Card set

"Import" button is located in Card set screen. The cards will be imported into the currently selected card set.

Step 7) Start Import

Go to Quizlet import screen and press the "Search" button. 

Step 8) Search

Then you will see the list of Sets in your account.

Step 9) Import

Press the "Import all" Button.