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1. Import from spreadsheet in Google Drive

Sample data

> Sample spreadsheet 1
> Sample spreadsheet 2
> Sample spreadsheet 3
> Sample spreadsheet 4
> Sample spreadsheet 5


Step 1) New spreadsheet

Go to "" and click on "Create new"

Step 2) Header

Create header line in the first row with the titles of each column. Available column titles are as follows.

CardNum  << this number should be unique for the card set
Order       << display order

Please make sure to use only the given titles listed above. If a column is not properly titled, all the values in the column will be ignored. 

Step 3) Rows

Enter cards from the second row.

In Flashcards Buddy, a card has three sides, (1) Front side, (2) Back side and (3) Note section. Each row will become one card and Texts in each columns are imported to front side, back side and note section.

If there is a card with image, (1) copy the image file in "/FlashcardsBuddyPro/image" folder in SD card and (2) add the name of the image file in "Image" column. Then, Flashcards Buddy will attach the image in back side of the card. 

Step 4) Save

Save the spreadsheet with "save" button. 

Before leaving the screen, please make sure which worksheet the data are saved in. The name of worksheet can be found at the bottom of the spreadsheet. 

Now, your job is done in Google Docs. Go to Flashcards Buddy and start the import.

Step 5) Go to Card set

"Import" button is located in Card set screen. The cards will be imported into the currently selected card set. 

Step 6) Start Import

Go to Google Spreadsheets import screen and press the "Sign in" button. 

Step 7) Sign in

Enter Google account email and Password and press "Sign in" button.

Then you will see the list of Spreadsheets in your account.

Step 8) Spreadsheets

Press the spreadsheet you just created. 

Now you can see the list of worksheets in the Spreadsheet. 

Step 9) Worksheets

Press the worksheet you saved your cards.

Then you will see the list of cards. 

Step 10) Import

Press the "Import" Button.