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1. Import from Quizlet - How to authorize

In order to import your card sets from Quizlet, you need to initiate the link to Quizlet service from Flashcards Buddy. 

1) Go to Flashcards Buddy main screen > MENU > Settings > Default email & login info.

There you will see "Not linked to Quizlet" in Quizlet login section.

2) Press the button
Then, you will see web-browser open up and ask your quizlet username and password

As you can see the web address line on top of the web-browser, this is Quizlet website. 
Here, you will login with your own username and authorize Flashcards Buddy to access your card sets.

Once you login, you will see Quizlet show "Allow" & "Deny" screen

With Allow button, you grant access to Flashcards Buddy. 
If you press the "Allow" button, the web-browser will close itself and send you back to Flashcards Buddy automatically.

3) Back to Flashcards Buddy

Now, you are back in Flashcards Buddy and see "Link established" message

* Some HTC phone show problem of sending you back to Flashcards Buddy after "Allow" button. 
This is a bug in HTC's web browser and you can go around this problem using 3rd party web-browser app in Google Play store.
For more detail, please contact us.