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1. Import from Quizlet

There are two ways to import Quizlet cards into Flashcards Buddy.

1. Create Quizlet set
2. Create Empty card set, and import Quizlet cards into it later. (Two step process)

1. Quizlet set (tight integration)

1. Easy 
Using wizard style dialog, you can create and import the quizlet card set at the same time.
2. Sync
FB remembers which Quizlet card set is linked and allows easy sync later

1. No multiple card sets. one-to-one relation
You cannot put multiple Quizlet card sets in one "Quizlet set". 
If you want to import ten card sets in Quizlet, you will have to create ten "Quizlet set" in FB.
2. No card management in FB side
You cannot add new card in "Quizlet set". 
"Quizlet set" bahave like an duplication image of Quizlet card set. FB expects you do all the card management in Quizlet website. 

2. Empty card set + later import (loose integration)

1. Merge Multiple card sets in one.
You can put multiple Quizlet card sets in one card set.
2. Flexible card management
You can freely add or remove cards

1. No sync
Since the card set side is not tightly integrated with Quizlet's card set, you cannot use sync.
2. Hassle. Create in two step process . 
You create an empty card set first and then import the cards into the created set using "Import" feature.

[How to do this]